Remember to #SHOPSMALL in NOLA During Mardi Gras

We wouldn’t be Louisianan if we didn’t talk about Mardi Gras, right?
Like many Louisiana residents, Mardi Gras is one of our favorite times of the year. The whole state
comes together for this unique holiday, and travelers flock to the Pelican State to celebrate with us.
Whether you’re just in LA for Mardi Gras or you’re a full-time resident, remember the importance of
supporting small businesses during the height of Louisiana tourist season.
Explore local shops while you’re waiting for your favorite parade. Dine at a mom-and-pop restaurant.
Patronize local entertainers and venues. Bring home green, yellow, and purple souvenirs from small
Your support is what keeps businesses like us going! We notice each order and are thankful for every
single one.
Remember to #shopsmall during Mardi Gras; Louisiana business owners will thank you!

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